EPIC Group Facilitation

Military/Veteran Discount

As a C5ISR Defense Contracting Company, JCTM is proud to support those who have served or are serving in the US Armed Forces.

If you want to attend our training, but your unit or organization cannot pay for it, please reach out directly to us to inquire about our Military and Veteran Discount for those on active duty or retired.

When you pay out of pocket, Servicemembers and Veterans receive a 20% discount on all JCTM Facilitation Training offerings.

How to Apply for the Discount

When Pre-Registering for any JCTM Group Facilitation Course, click the box labeled “Apply for Gov/Mil Discount.”

If you provide a valid .mil email address, we will assume you are military and grant you the discount.

Otherwise, after Pre-Registering, we will ask you to provide a redacted document verifying your military service.

Example of acceptable documentation:
-DD-214 (SSN & other PII redacted)
-Front of a Military Command Access Card
-Front of a Retiree/Dependent ID Card
-Front of a Veteran ID Card

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