EPIC Group Facilitation Course

EPIC Group Facilitation Course

Our Flagship Course EPIC Group Facilitation was built to empower leaders, and the groups they lead, with the necessary skills to enable authentic collaboration, achieve consensus on decisions, and produce group-supported outputs.

Our course is founded on Gary Rush FacilitationTM and the time proven Holistic Structured FacilitationTM Technique.

EPIC Facilitation Certification prepares graduates towards certification by the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) as Endorsed Facilitators (EF) and Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF).

What You Will Learn

Our course is built around our unique EPIC Group Facilitation Methodology. Each key block in the methodology is a subject covered in the course.

Students will learn:
–How to engage a session sponsor to ensure the group meets the sponsor’s “what” and “why.”
-How to prepare for and start a session right.
-How to use questions properly to gain quality input and keep the group focused.
-Facilitation “tricks of the trade” to manage a group efficiently and effectively.
-How to manage a group’s energy level, time, and formation into a collaborative team.
-How to manage dysfunctional behavior.
-How to guide participants to consensus to make decisions.
-How to close out a session properly and prepare for the next!

Ultimately, graduates will have all the tools and resources they need to facilitate their own sessions!

Our unique methodology is designed to turn any process requiring people, decisions and outputs into facilitated sessions!

How You Will Learn

We pride ourselves in not using a single PowerPoint slide during the course!

The course is taught in a “facilitative” manner as a running dialogue between the students and instructor. Group facilitation techniques are used throughout the course so students can see them demonstrated.

Students are given multiple opportunities to execute practical applications; true learning occurs by standing up in front of a crowd and facilitating!

Students receive a hardcopy Workbook to use to follow along. Students also receive an electronic copy of our EPIC Group Facilitation Guide. The Guide has additional material that reinforces what is taught, along with hundreds of Agenda Models, People Techniques, and Process Techniques to use for students to facilitate their own sessions.

No Powerpoint. A running dialogue.
Maximum practical application time!

Course Offerings

JCTM offers our EPIC Group Facilitation flagship course in both 3-day and 4-day formats. We promote the 4-day course because it gives students the most practical application time to test the skills they have learned.

The course is offered in both in-person and virtual formats. JCTM offers open public courses that students can sign up for depending on availability. The price per student is $2395. In addition, we will travel to your organization to teach onsite.

Upon request, we also offer executive-level 1-day and 2-day abridged versions of EPIC Group Facilitation. These offerings are intended to educate senior leaders on the value of facilitation for their organizations.

Group facilitation training designed to meet your
organization’s specific needs and availability!

Our Instructors

JCTM Facilitation instructors are accomplished trainers with prior training and education backgrounds. They are adept at current adult learning methods and teach the course in a “facilitative manner;” displaying facilitation principles in every aspect of teaching the course.

They have experience in facilitating groups, both in and out of uniform. Course material is reinforced with personal experiences of facilitation successes and “facilitation fails.”

They establish relationships with their students that last long after graduation, always willing to provide mentoring and advice when the graduates go on to facilitate their own sessions!

Experienced trainers with a love and passion for both teaching and facilitation!

IAF Certification

EPIC Group Facilitation is based on the 6 Core Competencies of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).

Our Certification prepares graduates to strive towards achieving the IAF’s Endorsed Facilitator (EF) Certification. With practice and real-world facilitation experience, graduates can be ready to achieve Certified Professional Faciiltator (CPF).

EPIC Group Facilitation Certification is an excellent way to prepare for IAF’s Endorsed Facilitator Certification!

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