EPIC Group Facilitation

Request EPIC Group Facilitation Training

JCTM instructors can travel around the country to deliver EPIC Group Facilitation training to your organization.

Organizations can request all of our course offerings from the 1-day to 4-day and can request courses back-to-back. For example, a good use of a week is to have students attend a 4-day course and then have senior leadership receive the 1-day overview to understand how to utilize their new Facilitators!

The minimum number of students required is 8 and the maximum we can support for a class is 20 students (by using two facilitation instructors).

We bring all the supplies; all your organization needs to coordinate are adequate facilitates to teach in.

Once we identify the location, class size and desired course length, we will send an invoice detailing our pricing.

For those of you in the government and military, a full 16-student 4-day course will still fall under the $25k maximum threshold for a GCPC credit card swipe.

Contact us now for details on the training service we provide!

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