Empowering Connections:

Group Facilitation and AI Prompting

JCTM offers a one-day workshop called Empowering Connections that features a half-day of Group Facilitation instruction and a half-day of AI Prompting instruction. The workshop serves as a primer for JCTM’s Group Facilitation courses and Advanced AI Command Courses (A2C2).

What is the relationship between Group Facilitation and the use of Generative AI with Prompt Engineering?

The short answer: it is not just about the people in any situation, it is all about the people. No matter the process, the issue at hand, or the tools at your disposal, people are at the center.

JCTM Group Facilitation teaches valuable skills on how to run effective meetings, working groups, and conferences to get the most out of every group.

JCTM A2C2 teaches valuable skills on how use effective prompts with Generative AI Large Language Models to get the most out of these tools.

Connecting people together and connecting people to AI. Empowerment!

EPIC Group Facilitation

EPIC stands for Empowering People, Inspiring Collaboration.

Groups do not naturally evolve into collaborative, functional teams. It requires leaders to be intentional about establishing an environment conducive to collaboration, buy-in, and inclusion.

Everything in group facilitation is designed to increase consensus and reduce dysfunction. Our EPIC courses are designed to maximize empowering people and inspiring collaboration.


Advanced AI Command Course

Imagine reclaiming hours of your day and reducing your workload. By mastering AI tools, you can delegate routine tasks, streamline your operations, and achieve more without needing additional staff or custom software. Our live online courses will teach you how to leverage AI technologies effectively, enhancing your productivity and capabilities.

Join a vibrant community of AI enthusiasts, where you can continuously learn about the latest in AI, share your experiences, and overcome challenges together. Discover how AI can transform your professional life and help you reach new heights of efficiency and success.