10 Locations
63 Employees
07 Years of Experience
10.5 $M Annual Revenue
Who We Are

Our Vision

JCTM’s VISION is to inspire America through faith, healing, and camaraderie by providing exceptional C5ISR services and advanced technology solutions throughout U.S. national security interests and allied partners.

Our Mission

JCTM’s MISSION is to serve the nation with wisdom, integrity and excellence, prioritizing the welfare of our country and its people above profit.

Our Culture

JCTM's CULTURE is derived from two principles: People Positive and Complexity Conscious.

People Positive is predicated on JCTM's belief that people are inherently good, trustworthy, and dependable. JCTM assumes and expects the best of everyone and trusts they will do the right thing for the right reasons while working together in a constructive, collaborative, and incentivized environment.

Complexity Conscious assumes organizational culture can not be mandated, rather every employee has an important part in helping sustain and promote our company culture.

Our Commitment To Quality

JCTM is committed to consistently providing exceptional professional services and solutions by always understanding and meeting the customer’s requirements and expectations. We are also committed to awareness of and full compliance with all other applicable governing requirements.

At JCTM we strive to continually improve our services by regularly measuring, monitoring, and reporting our performance against established target goals and objectives.