36 Donations and Counting

JCTM Charitable Contribution Requests Are Available via the Intranet SharePoint Portal

JCTM intends to use a “God/Country/Corps” focus for its Restore, Repay, and Heal (R2H) initiative as follows:


Those charitable organizations that support people in crisis or need and their health and wellness (e.g., the Red Cross or the National Kidney Foundation) and animal welfare (e.g., the American Humane Society). While JCTM will consider supporting religiously affiliated organizations or programs, JCTM will generally not support specific religious denominations through our charitable contributions.


Those charitable organizations that support our nation’s environment, education of our people, our culture, our children, and our communities (e.g., the Sierra Club, NC Coastal Federation, National Park Foundation, Toys for Tots, and St. Jude Research Hospital for Children).


Those charitable organizations that support veterans and our nation’s defense (e.g., Wounded Warriors, the Gary Sinise Foundation, and the National Military Intelligence Foundation).

Organizations We Are Proud To Have Supported