Learn Facilitation Skills -or- Utilize our Experienced Facilitators

▪ June 26 - 29, 2023 | Camp Pendleton, CA

▪ July 24 - 28, 2023 | Henderson Hall, Arlington, VA

▪ Aug 28 - 31, 2023 | Henderson Hall, Arlington, VA

Minimum Participation Notice
JCTM reserves the right to cancel a course 14 days before the start date if a minimum number of students is not met. If this happens, we will notify you directly and work out other training dates and options.

▪ JCTM offers a 3-Day and 4-Day Facilitation for the Government and Military Flagship Course: Empowering People to Solve Government and Military Problems.
▪ Both Courses provide the same curriculum; however, the 4-Day offers significantly more student practical application time. Recommended!
▪ Based on Gary Rush FacilitationTM and his Holistic Structured Facilitation Technique.TM Gary’s facilitation has helped organizations for the last 40+ years; now JCTM brings it specifically to the public sector.
▪ Graduates will be able to take the power of facilitation back to their work environments and successfully facilitate groups.
▪ Easy to purchase. Courses can be paid for via a Government Credit Card under the micro-purchase limit.

Facilition Students Receive
▪ Instruction in a “facilitative manner;” no slides, plenty of dialogue and student application
▪ A Facilitation for the Government and Military Workbook to use in class.
▪ An electronic copy of our comprehensive Facilitation for the Government and Military Guide that reinforces material taught in the course. Hundreds of pages of Agenda Model types and People and Process Techniques.

▪ Our Facilitators have experience in both the private and public sectors.
▪ Our Facilitators possess security clearances that can meet your needs up to TS/SCI problem sets and requirements.
▪ Adept at tailoring Facilitation Services to meet your exact problem type, group dynamics and size, and outcomes desired.
▪ Available via 8a sole source acquisitions paths ...LEARN MORE

Facilitation Sponsors Receive
▪ Comprehensive preparation before facilitated sessions to include sponsor and participate engagements, a Session Charter, and a Detailed Agenda.
▪ Well-managed, time-efficient facilitated sessions.
▪ Post-session deliverables and engagements to meet desired outcomes and outputs.

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