Trey supports JCTM as the Capabilities Development Officer based in Anderson, SC.

As a former active duty Marine, Trey has 10 years of experience in Department of Defense appropriation management to include the planning, programming, budgeting, execution, and auditing of government funding at the strategic and tactical level. Trey has coordinated over $10 billion in government initiatives and contracts as well as follow-on sustainment efforts. Trey also served as a Marine Corps Officer Selection Officer (OSO) and was recognized as the nation’s best OSO in 2019.

Trey specializes in business and position development at JCTM, while also managing recruiting efforts for the company.

In his free time Trey enjoys spending time with his wife and new baby boy on the lake, watching football, and supporting his fellow Clemson Tigers!


Trey and his wife Alexis
Go Clemson!